NCERT Solutions Std 4 Maths Building with Blocks.


Building with Bricks

Page 2

     Questions with (*) sign are open-ended questions.

Look how the bricks are arranged in these five patterns.


(*) Which floor pattern do you like the most?

     I like pattern 4.

Which pattern is made in a circle? Have you seen such patterns anywhere?

    Yes, I have seen such patterns in mosques.


Page 3




Which pattern is made in a circle?

     Pattern-J is made in Circle.

In which pattern can you show mirror halves? Draw a line.

     We can show mirror halves in patterns A, B, E, F and J.

(*) Now you draw some new floor patterns.


Page 4

How many faces in all does a brick have?

     A brick has six faces.

Is any face a square?


Draw the smallest face of the brick.

Which of these are the faces of the brick.

      The faces of the brick are 

Which of these is a drawing of a brick?

The drawing of the bricks are 



Make a drawing of this box to show 3 of its faces.         

 The drawing of the box is 

Can you make a drawing of a brick which shows 4 of its faces?

No, it is not possible to draw a brick showing 4 of its faces.

Page 5


What do you think? Which wall will be stronger?

     Wall made by Zainab is stronger.

Here are the photos of three kinds of brick walls. Can you see the difference in the way the bricks are placed?

Yes, there is a difference in the arrangement of the bricks in the wall.

Now match the photo of each wall with the correct drawing below.

The correct matches are as follows:

A – i

   B – ii

   C- iii


Page 6


How many different ‘jaali’ patterns can you see in these two photos?

     There are 5 different types of ‘jaali’ patterns ti the two given photos.


Page 7

(*)  Now colour some bricks red and make your own ‘jaali’ patterns in the wall drawn below.


(*)  Now draw some jharokha patterns on the wall here. You can shade it black.


Page 8

Have you seen bricks that look like triangles?

     No. I have not seen bricks that look like triangles.

Did you see an arch in this photo?



Page 8

Have you seen arches in a bridge?


Where else have you seen an arch?

I have seen arches in the bridge near the railway station and old bridges.

Page 11


Which of these bricks have curved edges?

     The third and fourth brick from the left in the top are having 

curved edges.

How many faces do you see of the longest brick?

      I can see two faces of the longest brick.

Is there any brick which has more than six faces?

      There are six faces in a brick. At the most, we can see three faces at a time. If the brick is broken then it may have more than six faces.


Find out: The size of a brick.

(*) Have you seen bricks of different sizes?

    I have not seen bricks of different sizes.

Take one brick and measure it.

a). How long is it?

     Length is 25 cm.

b). How wide is it?

     Width is 8 cm

c). How high is it?

     Height is 8 cm.

Muniya wants to make a wall 1 metre long. How many bricks will she need to put in a line?

    1 metre = 100 cm. Here the length of the brick is 25 cm. 

25 X 4 = 100 cm = 1 m

    Therefore she needs 4 bricks to make a wall of 1 metre.

Can you guess how high is the chimney here? Is it

a). about 5 metres?

b). about 15 metres?

c). about 50 metres?

      The height of the chimney is 50 metres. 


Page 11

Here are four pictures from the brick kiln. These pictures are jumbled up. Look at them carefully.

Write in the correct order.

     The correct order is C -D-B-A.


Page 13

(*) Have you seen a brick kiln? Did you try to guess the number of bricks kept there?

     Yes. I have seen the brick kiln. The number of bricks at a kiln is thousands.

Look at these photos and guess how many bricks are carried by this truck?

     The number of bricks carried by a truck given in the fig is approximately 2 to 3 thousand.

Bhajan went to buy bricks. The price was given for one thousand bricks. The prices were also different for different types of bricks.



Old bricks Rs 1200 per one thousand bricks
New bricks from Intapur Rs 1800 per one thousand bricks
New bricks from Brickbad Rs 2000 per one thousand bricks


Bhajan decided to buy the new bricks from Brickbad. He bought three thousand bricks. How much did he pay?

     Bhajan had to pay Rs 6000.


Guess what he will pay if he buys 500 old bricks.

     He has to pay Rs 600 for old bricks.



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