NCERT Solutions Std 4 Maths Play With Patterns

Play With Patterns

Questions with (*) sign are open ended questions.

Page 108

(*) Can you see how Tinu has made different patterns using the same block? Now you too make 3 different patterns using


Page 109

Yamini has used her blocks to make a few patterns. Help her to take these patterns forward.


We can also make patterns with numbers and letters. Below are a few examples. Can you take them forward?

(*) Now write your own number patterns

Page 110

(*) Make a pattern without numbers.

No Number Comes Twice

Look at the number box. Can you see a pattern?

Now you try writing the letters — A, B, C in the box so that no letter comes twice in any line.

Page 111

Magic Patterns

Look at the pattern of numbers 1 to 7. See how each line adds up to 12.

Now you fill these stars. Use numbers 1 – 9 and the that the numbers on each line add up to 15.


Magic Triangles

Look at this number pattern.

Rule: Numbers on each side of the triangle add up to 9.

3 + 4 + 2 = 9.

See if the other sides of the triangle also add up to 9.

3 + 5 + 1 = 9

2 + 6 + 1 = 9.

Yes, the other sides of the triangle also add up to 9.


Page 112

Now use numbers 1 – 6 to make your own magic triangle.

Rule: Numbers on each side must add up to 10

Number Towers

Numbers can be arranged as a tower. We start from below and get this number pattern. Can you see the rule for this pattern?

Rule: We add 2 numbers below to get the number in the box

above them.

10 + 20 = 30

20 + 30 = 50

30 + 50 = 80


PAGE 113

Using the same rule complete these number towers.




The Same Sum Rule

Rule: We get the same sum when we add the two numbers —

First from left and First from right

Second from left and second from right

Third from left and Third from right

Now you write any number and the three numbers after that. Make a pattern using the rule.

See if you get the same sum


Yes, we get the same sum when we add two numbers.

Page 114

Patterns with Addition

Oh! The sum grows by 3 each time.

Here, the sum grows by 4 each time.

Now, you try to make such a pattern with 5 numbers in order.

Does the sum grow by 5 each time?

Yes, the sum grow by 5 each time.

Page 115

Yamini explained the rule—Numbers have been used for letters. For example, ‘J’ is 10, ‘P’ is 16. So JUMP is 10 21 13 16 . Complete this list of letters and numbers to help you.

Teenu wants to write to his friend ‘Good Morning’. What will he write by using the same rule? 

If we change the rule and write 1 in place of ‘B’, 3 in place of ‘D’ and so on, then how will we write ‘Let Us Dance’?

Page 116

Shablu and Jaggu are playing a game. They are writing some secret messages. But Kahuli is not able to understand them. So Jaggu explained the rule—

Jaggu – You see, we have changed each letter by its next letter.

That is, we write ‘G’ in place of ‘F’, ‘O’ in place of ‘N’. So YES becomes ZFT .

Kahuli – Oh! Now I understand.

Kahuli – See what I have written XF BSF GSJFOE T

What was Kahuli’s secret message? ________________________


What did Shablu and Jaggu write?

Shablu wrote IF MMP! IPX BSF ZPV means “Hello! How are you?”

Jaggu wrote GJOF  UIOL  ZPV means “Fine, Thank you”.

Then Shablu again wrote XJMM  ZPY  QMBZ  XJUI  MF means “Will you play with me?”

Use the same rule to write—’Meet me on the moon’.


Make different rules and ask your friends to crack the secret message.

Page 117

Now, Anisha is playing with this card. Draw what it will look like when upside down.

Floor Patterns

Have you ever seen a floor with tiles of these shapes?


Page 118

(*) a) Now, you cover this floor with this tile.

Can you make such a floor design with a tile like a circle?

(*) b) Try with this green tile without leaving a gap. Could you do it?

Discuss with your friends.

(*) c) Complete this tiling pattern.

Page 119

(*) d) Ramaiya has made a wall with his blocks. Can you complete

this for him?

(*) e) Renu began to paint this wall. Now you help her to complete it.




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