NCERT Solutions Std 5 Maths Smart Charts

Smart Charts

Questions with (*) sign are open ended questions.

Page 159

Look at the tally marks and write the number for each animal in the table. How many children in all did Yamini talk to?

Ans: Yamini talked to 131 children.

Which is the most favourite pet animal in this table?

Ans: Dogs are the most favourite pet animal in this table.

(*) Which pet will you like to have? What will you name it? Which other animals can be kept at home? Discuss.

Ans: I would like to have a dog. It’s name would be Junnu.

The other animals that can be kept at home are cats, parrots, rabbits etc.

Page 161


Write the number of each vehicle in this table?

How many vehicles in all did Sumita see on the road in half an hour?

Ans: 103 vehicles.

Autorickshaw are thrice the number of trucks- true/false?

Ans: True.

Make tally marks for 7 more buses and 2 more trucks.

Page 162


Now you can fill the chapati chart to show the numbers given in the table.

1) Look and find out 

Children who help in making, or serving food are

a). One-third of the total children

b). Half of the total children

c). One fourth of the total children

Ans: one fourth of the total children

2). Practice time: After school

Ask 10 of your friends about what they like to do most after school.


Page 164

Why do you think that children are used in so many ads?

because children can be easily attracted towards the products.

Use tally marks to count the number of ads during a short break in a programme.

Were these ads during news programme?

Ans: Do yourself

Page 165

Find out from the bar chart-

Which city is the hottest on the 1st June?

Ans: Jaisalmer

Which city is the coldest on the 1st December?

Ans: Shimla.

Which city shows little change in temperature on the two days- 1 June and 1 December.

Ans: Bangalore

Change in the temperature = 24 – 22 = 2

Page 166


Rabbits in Australia


1) After each year the number of rabbits was-

a) a little less than double the number of rabbits in the last year.

b) double the number in the last year.

c) 8 more than the number in the last year

d) more than double the number of rabbits in the last year.

Ans: a little less than double the number of rabbits in the last year.

2) At the end of year 6, the number of rabbits was close to

a) 400                      b) 600                         c) 800

Ans: 600

3) After which year did the number of rabbits cross 1000?

Ans: After 6 year

Family Tree

Page 168

1) how many grandparents in all does Shobna have?

Ans: Shobna have 4 grandparents.

2) How many great, great grandparents in all does Madhav have?

Ans: Madhav have 8 great, great grandparents in all.

3) How many elders will be in the VII generation of his family?

Ans: Elders in the V Generation → 8

Elders in the VI generation → 8 X 2 = 16

Elders in the VII generatin → 16 X 2 = 32

4) If he takes his family tree forward in which generation will he find 128 elders?

Elders in the VIII Generation → 32 X 2 = 64

Elders in the IX generation → 64 X 2 = 128

128 elders are found in the IX generation

Growth chart of a plant


Page 169

a) Between which days did the length of the plant change the most?

i) 0-4           ii) 4-8            iii) 8-12              iv) 12-16             v) 16-20

Ans: 8 -12

b) What could be the length of this plant on the 14th day? Guess?

i) 8.7 cm           ii) 9.9 cm           iii) 10.2 cm              iv) 10.5 cm

Ans: 9.9 cm

c) Will the plant keep growing all the time? What will be its length on the 100th day? Make a guess!

Ans: No


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