NCERT Solutions Std 5 Maths Shapes and Angles

Shapes and Angles

Questions with (*) sign are open ended questions.

Page 16

Now you give the answers.

Is it a closed shape?

Yes, it is a closed shape.

Does it have 6 sides?

Yes, it had 6 sides.

Page 17

Is it a closed shape with 6 sides?

Yes, it is a closed shape with 6 sides.

Is it the same as the one made by Rohini?

No, it is not the same.

Is there some way to say in what way these shapes are different?

These shapes are different in angles.

Look at the angles marked in these shapes. Can you see the difference?

Yes. Angles made in these shapes are different.

Page 18

1). Look at the shape and answer.

The angle marked in ___________ colour is the biggest angle.

The angle marked in Black colour is the biggest angle.

2 a). Are the angles marked with yellow equal?


 b). Are the angles marked with green equal?


 c). Are the angles marked with blue equal?


3). Four different angles are marked in four colours. Can you find other angles which are the same as the one marked in red? Mark them in red. Do this for other colours.


Page 19

4). How many different shapes can you make by changing the angle between the match sticks in each of these? Try?


Matchstick Puzzles

1). Make 8 triangles using 6 matchssticks. Try!

2). Take 8 matchsticks and make a fish like this. Now pick up any 3 matchsticks and put them in such a way that the fish now starts swimming in the opposite direction. Did it?

3). Using 10 matchsticks make this shape. Pick up 5 matchsticks and put them in such a way that you get the shape of a house.

Page 21

Go around with your tester and draw here those things in which the tester opens like the letter L. Are you sure they are all right angles?

Yes, all are right angles.

Practice Time

1). Look at the angles in these pictures and fill the table.

Page 22

Sukhman made this picture with so many angles.

Use colour pencils to mark.

Right angles with black colour.

Angles which are more than a right angle with green.

Angles which are less than a right angle with blue.

3). Draw anything of your choice around the angle shown. Also, write what kind of angle it is. The first one is done.

Page 23

Can you make these angles?

a). A right angle with your hand?


b). An angle less than a right angle with your leg?


c). an angle more than an right angle with your arm?


d). An angle more than a right angle with your body?



Page 25

(*) Write 3 names using straight lines and count the angles.

Name Number of right angles Number of angles more than  a right angle Number of angles less than a right angle



Put 10 Math-Magic books on top of each other. Keep one book slanting to make a slide.

b). Now do this with six books.

Roll a ball from the top. From which slide does the ball roll down faster?

The ball slides down faster from the slide made up of 10 books.

Which slide has the smaller angle?

The slide made up of 6 books has a smaller angle.

Page 26

Which slide has a larger angle?

The slide on the left side has a larger angle.

Which slide do you think is safer for the little boy? Why?

The slide on the left side is safer for the little boy. It has a smaller angle.

Page 27

Find out how many angles are there in each of these shapes. Mark them.

Does the angle change when pushed down by the finger? Find out and write your results in the given table.



 Page 28

From the activity changing shapes can you guess why triangles are used in these towers, bridges, etc?

A triangular shape is strong. It does not change its shape when it is pressed. Therefore, triangle shapes are used in the towers bridges etc.

Look around and find out more places where triangles are used?

Triangle shapes are used at railway bridges, mobile towers.

 Page 29

Write what kind of angles are made by the hands at these times? Also, write the time?

Draw the hands of clocks when they make an angle which is less than a right angle. Also, write the time.


Page 31

Use your degree clock to measure the right angle of your pencil box.

900 is the measure of the right angle.

Can you guess how many degrees is the angle which is

½ of right angle = 450

1/3  of right angle = 300

2 times the right angle  = 1800

Measure the angle from where Kittu should hit the striker on page 30.

Page 33

Estimate the measures of many angles as you can made by different parts of the body while doing ‘asanas’.



a).  900

b). Less than 900

c). More than 900

d). More than 900


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