NCERT Solutions Std 5 Maths Parts and Wholes

Parts and Wholes

Page 34

The top one-third of our flag is saffron (or orange). What is the colour of the middle one-third of the flag?

Where will you draw the Ashoka chakra?

How much of the flag will you colour green?

Is the white colour now less than of the flag? Why?

Now look at this flag. How much of it is black?

The green part of the flag can be written as

Is red less than one-third of the flag? Why?

This is the flag of Myanmar, our neighbour.

Is blue more than one-fourth of the flag

or less ?

Guess how much of the flag is red. Is it more than ? Is it more

than three-fourths?

Page 51

How many flags have three colours? Are all the coloured parts

equal in these flags?

This is the flag of the Math Club in a school in Kerala. What part

of the flag is coloured red? What part is green?

Have you used the red colour? What part of

the flag did you colour red?

What were the other colours you chose?


.page 52

Practice time

  1. A) Chocolate bar

Manju had a chocolate. She gave onefourth

of it to Raji, one-third to Sugatha

and one-sixth to Sheela. She ate the

remaining part. How many pieces of

chocolate did each get?Write here.

What part of the chocolate did Manju eat?

Page 53

  1. B) Colour the hats

Colour of the hats red.

Colour three-fifth hats


How many hats did you

colour red?

How many hats did you

colour blue?

What part of the hats

are not coloured?

The white triangle is divided

into three equal parts. Fill each

one-third part with a different

colour.Can you showthat these

parts are equal? Thinkhow.

Now try to make three equal

parts of this triangle in a

different way. Colour each onethirdwithadifferentcolour.

Page 54

  1. D) Six parts of a rectangle

Ranihas divided a greenrectangle into six equal parts like this.

h Now you divide each of these rectangles

into six equal parts. Use a different way

foreachof thethreerectangles.




How will you check that each part is really one-sixth of

that rectangle?

The green rectangle is bigger than the blue one. Can we

say that of the green rectangle is bigger than of the

blue rectangle?

1) Make different patterns by colouring some

squares in the grids B, C, D. What part of

the grid did you colour? What part of the

grid remainedwhite?Write.

2) Look at grid A again. Is the grid coloured—

  1. a) blue, white? b) blue , white?
  2. c) blue, white? d) blue, white?

Mark ( ) on the wrong answer.

3) Drawgrids of 16 squares andmake patternswith

  1. a) red, yellow, green
  2. b) blue, red, yellow

page 58

Ramu’s vegetable field has 9 equal parts. What vegetables does

he grow?

Which vegetable grows in the biggest part of his field?

What part?

2) On what part of the field does he grow potatoes?

3) What part of the field is used to grow spinach?

What part is used for brinjals?

4) Now you write some questions by looking at

  • this picture..

page 59

Ramu wanted to give these vegetables to his friends. He gave

Aboobacker one-fifth of these tomatoes and of the potatoes.

Srija got of the tomatoes and of the potatoes. Nancy got the

rest of these vegetables. Circle Aboobacker’s share in blue.

CircleSrija’s share inyellow.

How many potatoes and tomatoes did Nancy get?


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